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Pattern Hacking: The Scout Tee

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2 Sessions
Level: Intermediate (some garment sewing experience)
Teacher: Silvia

The Scout Tee is a wonderful canvas to play with pattern hacking! Perfect for garment sewists who have taken the Scout Tee class and want to make more, and for those who want to learn techniques they can apply to many different patterns. 

Take this classic tee and turn it into a sleeve-featuring wonder! In this class, you will learn how to make sleeve variations using the basic sleeve that comes in this pattern. Since the focus of this class will be patternmaking, it is not necessary to have fabric on the first class because the modified sleeve you choose may need more material than suggested on the pattern. Please come to class with your imagination, willingness to create and any pictures of sleeves you want to create.  (Also the Scout Tee pattern and Swedish tracing paper.) I will have many sleeve modifications to show you in order to make this simple top starring the sleeves you always wanted!


Supplies (All available at Finch!): 
- Swedish Tracing Paper
- Scout Tee Pattern
- Fabric & Thread

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